NOTICE: None of the ventilator models posted on this page are approved by regulatory agencies or hospitals/medical staff and many are currently being vetted by the same. As such, they are not ready for mass-manufacture, distribution, or use.

The Prototypes

Model A Ventilator

Model A is a low-functionality ventilator that can be deployed for patient transport, operating room settings, or bridge-to-therapy ventilation in healthier patients. It may also be used for certain non-Covid19 cases, freeing up high-functionality ventilators for severe Covid19 cases.

There are existing designs available (e.g., Rice University design below) which the team is working on.

Current model A designs are insufficient for use as they are unresponsive to the patient’s distressed breathing cycle. Our community is working towards innovative solutions to this problem.

Model B Ventilator

Model B VentilatorWill be a fully functional ventilator built specifically for more complex COVID-19 patients. This device will meet stricter regulatory requirements for medical devices, and will be operable in clinical and non-clinical settings.Model B Ventilator