There are ~160,000 ventilators in the US.

We need more than 740,000 for a Spanish flu-level outbreak.


Ready to help us with funding?
Incorporation of a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization is underway. The entity is trying to raise $2M to design and develop 1M ventilators to help fight Covid-19.

Best way to help us get you started with the funding process is to please email us at:

We need to develop a strategic reserve of 1,000,000+ emergency ventilators ASAP. These don’t need to be fancy medical ventilators, they just need to work.

In a pandemic, the limited existing ventilator supply and stockpile should be reserved for treating the most critical life-threatening cases.

We need to create an emergency ventilator that can be used for millions of minor cases, including patients who require long-term (15-30 day) ventilation on recovery.

Our initial ventilator design (Model A) needs to scale to 1M+ devices for < $200/unit and should be operable by anyone with < 1 hour of training.

We have assembled an all-star team of professional volunteers that are already validating mechanical designs and preparing for new manufacturing runs.

We need to quickly turn this community into an NGO/non-profit and start earning funding commitments to cover the development and distribution of 1M+ ventilators.

Critically, we also need help from NGO/government partners to navigate potential regulatory challenges, including obtaining emergency use authorizations globally.

In less than a week since we posted our 1 Million Ventilators project on, over 100 professionals have volunteered to help us run this organization. We have also secured a manufacturing commitment from Liam Casey, founder & CEO of PCH, and a funding commitment from Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. This project was founded by Neil Thanedar, CEO of Labdoor.

Learn more in our About Us section.

Assuming containment has failed, the biggest cause of suffering and deaths from COVID-19 will be from a lack of ventilators. And any rationing of ventilators could trigger mass panic.

The CDC Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) has only 12,700 ventilators, a mix of the LP10 (Medtronics), the LTV1200 (Vyaire), and the Uni-vent Eagle 754 (Impact).,

Ventilators currently used in US hospitals cost up to $50,000 each and existing manufacturers are not capable of ramping production to even 100K units this year.

The only solution to this potential ventilator shortage is to develop a strategic reserve of 1,000,000+ emergency ventilators as soon as possible.

These devices need to be easy to transport, sanitize, and use in low- and no-power settings, and work continuously without failure for blocks of 14-24 hours a day.

This will require rapid organization and coordination of talent, funding, and regulatory approvals. We are recruiting partners now who can help us reach our 1 Million Ventilators mission.

To complete its mission, 1 Million Ventilators needs:
Commitments of up to $2M to fund ventilator research and development.
Commitments of up to $200M to purchase 1M+ ventilators at-cost.
NGOs and governments should buy these ventilators and hold them in strategic reserve until they need to be deployed in the field.
Partnerships with NGO and governments to navigate potential regulatory challenges, including obtaining emergency use authorizations globally.