1,000,000 Ventilators


100 Days

We’re a group of doctors, engineers and experts working together to meet the anticipated demand for medical ventilators due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With your help, we can provide the necessary treatment patients need to survive.

Our Plan

A two-pronged approach to meet short-term and long-term challenges:

Ventilator A

Will be a rapid response, low/moderate capacity ventilator that will be manufactured as an emergency stop gap.

Ventilator B

Will be a fully functional ventilator built specifically for more complex COVID-19 patients. This device will meet stricter regulatory requirements for medical devices, and will be operable in clinical and non-clinical settings.

How You Can Help

While our team is donating their time and efforts, ultimately we will need resources for materials, manufacturing, logistics among other things. With your donation we will be able to help more patients receive the critical help they need.